What is NEDVIGA?
The Project NEDVIGA is a Crossline Platform for investment in High-Yield Real Estate around the world using crowdinvesting strategies.

NEDVIGA allows anyone from anywhere in the world to invest even the smallest amount of money in Global High-Yield Real Estate Market.

From now on, you do not need any special skills or knowledge in the field of real estate investing. NEDVIGA ensures reliability and high profitability of your investments in Real Estate.
What makes us different?
It is simple: We are an Ongoing Business and already earning money for our Real Estate Investors!
We are in business since 2015
We launched our First Investment Project in 2015. From then onwards the number of investment projects has been growing monthly.
The Team of Professionals
Our project is developed by the Team of Experienced Real Estate Investment
professionals, working in the Industry since 2001.
High Yield
We have developed our own Real Estate Investments Strategies with the annual percentage yield of 36% and up.
NEDVIGA Development Plan
What has been done, what will be done.
The launch of the Real Estate project in Saint Petersburg. The development and
realization of the first high yield strategies.
The realization of additional high yield strategies in Real Estate Market. Around 50 real estate objects are invested. The annual percentage yield is up to 36%.
Q2 2017
Around 90 real estate objects are invested. More than ₽ 30 000 000 in Real Estate
Investments are raised. The prototype of online-platform application is developed.

Q4 2017
The realization of pre-ICO and the MVP online-platform NEDVIGA. The preparation for beginning of operations in Moscow and Moscow Region investment markets,
completion of development of the criteria and rules for the selection of local operating
Q1 2018
The realization of the main round of ICO and beta-version of the MVP online-platform
NEDVIGA. The development of the legal grounds for expansion of NEDVIGA into the
foreign markets. The commencement of operations in Moscow and Moscow Region.
Q2 2018г.
EThe commencement of operations in Russian cities with a million-plus population;
Kazan, Ufa, Nizhny Novgorod, and in the first foreign markets; Finland and Spain.
The implementation of mobile cross-platform application for iOS and Android. The launch of the NEDVIGA Online-University.

Q4 2018г.
The commencement of operations in all Russian cities with a million-plus population and
entering the markets of the USA, Thailand and Germany. Implementation of the
automatized registration in the State Blockchain Register of Rights to Real Property.

Q4 2019г.
The commencement of operations in all large Russian cities and 30 leading markets around the World.
Q4 2020г.
Entering the markets of at least 50 countries.
The Team
Our team consists of experts in the fields of real estate with a lot of ambitions to lead the
project to success
Alexey Davydov
Executive partner
Alexey has 16 years of experience as an entrepreneur and real estate investor. The founder and the mastermind behind the inception of the Real Estate Online-Portal (reline.ru). The former owner of two real estate agencies, including the largest Department Of Commercial Real Estate in Saint-Petersburg. Alexey has the extensive experience in working with commercial real estate and land properties. He has been personally responsible for multiple multimillion transactions. He has worked with secured mortgage lending since 2008. Alexey has the unique ability to combine his skills in development of online projects with successful work in real estate field. He is the co-founder of the Asset Management Company
"Dali" which has over 3000 m2 of sites under its management.
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Stanislav Li
Executive partner
Stanislav is a serial entrepreneur and investor. The co-founder of the Investment
Club "KIPIM" (Saint-Petersburg). He has an extensive experience in recruitment of
investors for participating in joint projects. He has many completed projects in high-yield
real estate investment, including equity co-investment; 12 units commercial apartment
building, 2 mini-hotels, multiple sites under sublease. Stanislav is actively pursuing work
in recruitment of additional investments and in developing and improving the Project's
business model. He is also the co-founder of the Asset Management Company "Dali" which has over 3000 m2 of sites under its management.
Alena Nariniany
Marketing Manager
Alena is a Journalist, an Entrepreneur and an Expert in PR, Advertisement and Marketing. She is the owner of the advertising agency "ANZh" with hundreds of successful projects under her belt, including financial and crypto-currency projects. She has over 2 years of experience in blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. She has contributed on the subject to such well known outlets as Interfax, BFM, Ridus, Radio-Moscow and others. She is also an investor and a miner.
Ksenia Nikitina
Community manager
Ksenia has an extensive experience in brand promotion through social media, including work with groups at the launch of new crypto-currency products and ICO.
So far she has 5 successfully completed cases in this area.
Ksenia has over 2 years of
experience in Cryptocurrency field.
There are two main profit-making schemes with the purchase of NEDVIGA project

1) Purchasing tokens for future resale after they are launched on crypto-exchanges
(after the completion of our ICO). The smartest way here is to purchase tokens at the
earliest time, for instance during the pre-ICO, which will be held from 15.11.17 till
15.12.17. During this period the investors can receive the maximum bonus of more than
50%, as well as possible volume discounts. All this maximizes the investors' profit from
the future resale of the tokens on the market.

2) Purchasing tokens for use in our project; to invest in Real Estate using our high yield
strategies oruse them for various services that NEDVIGA is offering to the project
participants in exchange for the tokens.

Join our Telegram Chat for discussion and Q&A at: https://t.me/nedviga_eng
With the help of blockchain we are able to solve the following issues:

  • We are able to issue tokens to effectively lower the investment market entry threshold for our clients and solve the problem with low-liquidity real estate investments.
  • We can keep the records of all the actions of our real estate clients in the blockchain registers. This gives our clients additional reliability, stability and authenticity at all times.

Join our Telegram Chat for discussion and Q&A at: https://t.me/nedviga_eng
NEDVIGA is already earning money for our Real Estate Investors. After ICO we are planning to enlarge our business and will be able to generate even more money for our clients. Investors always lean toward successful, profitable and reliable projects, so they will have heightened interest in acquiring our tokens, therefore, they will grow in value.

Join our Telegram Chat for discussion and Q&A at: https://t.me/nedviga_eng
At this time we are in contact with the local real estate experts in a number of countries, such as Finland, Estonia, Spain, Thailand, Germany, the UK and the USA. The majority of our current strategies will work in most of the countries with minor modifications to adapt them to applicable local legislation and laws. However, almost in every country we were able to find new opportunities for new strategies, that we are planning to develop, test and offer to our clients in the nearest future.

Join our Telegram Chat for discussion and Q&A at: https://t.me/nedviga_eng
Contact us:
Russia, Smolenskaya street, 7A, Saint-Petersburg
tel: +7 812 317 00 25

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